The work of Trinity’s Department of Global Engagement roots itself in the School’s pledge to send forth young people who know themselves in the world and are prepared to be persuasive and courageous citizens. Our domestic and international travel experiences take shape in the exploratory imaginations of faculty who know that learning is not complete if not put to real practice in the global human community.  Our itineraries invite students to forge meaningful relationships with each other and with people and places they might never encounter otherwise.  These are not just trips; they are Trinity trips.  No matter what the central focus—academic, service or cultural exchange—all our journeys teach students to honor difference and yet cross these lines in search of solidarity, creative exchange, and mutual responsibility. We are committed to making experiences like these a part of every Trinity student’s life.

Financial Aid

It is our intention to make global travel accessible for all families. Those receiving aid or requiring financial assistance should contact Cindylisa Muniz.

Contact Us

Cindylisa Muniz
Teacher of English
Director of Global Engagement

Alaina Alvarez
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Global Engagement
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Located on Upper West Side of New York City, Trinity School is a college preparatory, coeducational independent school for grades K-12. Since 1709, Trinity has provided a world-class education to its students with rigorous academics and outstanding programs in athletics, the arts, peer leadership, and global travel.