The Performing Arts Department’s third international tour will bring the Trinity Philharmonia on a discovery of the music, culture, and traditions of central Europe. The tour begins in Prague, home of composers including Dvorak and Smetana and with a rich history from the seventh century. While there, we’ll be led on a tour of Prague’s incredible Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and view the city and castles depicted in Smetana’s Moldau, by cruise. We continue onwards to Vienna, arguably the cultural capital of Europe from before Mozart, through Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler, Berg et al, and with artistic movements including Classical, and Secession (including Klimt), and home to influential thinkers including Freud and Hertzl. We’ll tour the Vienna State Opera, and visit Esterhazy Palace in Hungary (where Haydn led the court orchestra for about thirty years, and defined the genres of both the Symphony and String Quartet). More fully traveling into Hungary, we travel to Budapest, experiencing both historical cities of Buda and Pest, including their market and other World Heritage sites, as well as enjoying an excursion to the hometown of composer Zoltan Kodaly, and seeing traditional Magyar horse culture.
During our tour, the Trinity Philharmonia will give four performances in towns and cities. Venues, yet to be confirmed, may include churches, museums and castles, some having great historical significance as places where great works of music saw their premieres.

Dates: June 15-24, 2019
Estimated Cost: $4700
Dream Team: Dr. Blundell and Ms. Carlsen

  • This is a performance trip. Acceptance is contingent on personal invitation to participate from Director of Performing Arts, and membership in good standing of an instrumental ensemble. If you have any questions, please direct them to Mr. Cifelli.
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