We are thrilled to offer the first school trip jointly sponsored by the departments of Global Engagement and Public Service.

On this trip, Trinity and Future Hope School faculty and students will collaborate on a classroom project during the months before departure, and arrive ready for an immersive, purposeful, mutually enriching experience. We will spend several days working closely with our new friends at the school. In the evenings, Trinity travelers will go back to our home base at the Tollygunge Club and spend good hours together, sharing our experiences and learning. We will also have time to explore the city’s streets, historical and sacred sites. The second leg of the trip will take place in Bangalore, where students will spend time in classes at the Mallya Aditi International School and enjoy the homestay hospitality of several of its families. The rich itinerary of this two-city trip will offer students more balanced and complete sense of the vastness and cultural diversity of the country. They will learn about the many historical influences that led to the creation of India as a republic. They will be able to see how the country is developing in the 21st century in two very different cities. Perhaps even more significantly, this trip will ask students and teachers to think deeply about poverty and privilege, gender roles and their impact on the economy, what transformative leadership and a life of giving can look like. Why and how do individuals and like-minded groups of people examine human needs and choose to commit time, talent and resources to help address them?

Trip Leaders: Ms. Gupta, Mr. Pagonis, and Mr. Holton
Dates: June 15-July 2, 2018
Cost: $5000 (est)
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