“The trip to Italy was ten days. Ten days I will never forget. It was my first time in Europe and the experience was truly one to remember. It impacted me because I got to travel around Italy and not only explore but also do something I love-- sing. I got to practice reading music and my voice definitely did improve. I was able to make many friends with my fellow classmates. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that Trinity School provided me- thank you.”
“Everywhere we went in Italy, there was music. In a square in Florence, a young man passionately played his makeshift drums. In front of the church in Santa Margherita where we had just performed, a famous jazz pianist performed for a big crowd; our choir even got the privilege of singing along with him for two songs. The trip was even more special because of the spontaneity of our group. While we were walking around the square inside of the magnificent Doge’s Palace in Venice, we decided to start singing some of our concert songs. To our surprise, tourists and locals began to gather around us and clapped after each piece. I was grateful that our music—American traditionals, an original composition, African spirituals—could bring joy to people for whom it was foreign.”
“The trip made an indelible mark on me. I made many new friends that I suspect will be a part of my life for many years to come. I took my composition to spectacular churches like St. Mark's Basiica and the Duomo --- experiences that will stay with me for a lifetime. Music is such an extraordinary part of my life, and my trip to Italy trip provided yet another forum for me to express my passion. We who traveled together will always be bonded together by how we touched each others lives and the hearts and souls of the many Italian people to whom we sang. Truly Ms. Bonsignore and Ms. Caldwell cannot be thanked enough for taking us on such a magnificent journey.”
“For me, the largest takeaway from our chorus trip to Italy was a realization of the transcendent power of music. While we sang nearly every day on the trip, there was one impromptu performance that had the greatest impact on me. We were in the midst of our drive from Venice to Florence, and we stopped at a farm in Tuscany where an older couple and one of their mothers cooked an amazing feast of their freshly grown and made vegetables, cheeses, pasta, and meats. Following this outstanding dinner, Ms. B quickly told us that we would be singing "Irish Blessing" to thank our hosts for their hospitality. The couple spoke few words of English and the older woman spoke none at all, but their reaction while hearing us sing was something I will never forget. Apparently they did not know that we were a choir, so the moment they all entered the dining room we stood and serenaded them. I was beyond impressed with the acoustics in the dining room and couldn't believe myself how great we sounded. The blend was perfect! The three hosts standing in the entry were shocked and it seemed as though they couldn't move. I saw the older woman wipe her eyes with her apron and suddenly I felt myself start to tear up as well. There was something about witnessing the direct impact that our choir, our voices, could have on others that moved me to tears.”
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