Trinity’s travel offerings are designed to engage students in experiences, both domestic and international, that allow them to develop and put into meaningful practice their intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual potential. Trinity travel experiences are committed to our Mission Statement’s promises to guide students “to know themselves in the world” and to be “persuasive and courageous citizens.” No matter what central focus informs the itinerary—academic, service, language immersion or cultural exchange—all our journeys give students the chance to understand their connection to others and to see themselves as agents of informed, positive action in the world.

Applying to Travel

  • Applicants to the travel program must be in solid academic standing and have no concerning disciplinary record.
  • Applications will be evaluated by the Director of Global Travel in consultation with trip leaders, the grade Deans, and the Student Support Team.
  • Applicants and their parents should understand the climate, travel conditions, and known potential health risks of the chosen destination before applying. Consult the CDC and your pediatrician if you have any concerns. Link to CDC is attached.
  • Some trips will require more physical exertion than others. Please take this into account when reviewing the programs you want to apply to.
  • Final acceptance to any trip is contingent upon medical clearance by a private physician and a consultation with Trinity School nurses.
  • Applicants on financial aid should not hesitate to apply for reasons of trip cost. The school is committed to equitable access to our travel opportunities.

'16 - ’17 Destinations

Financial Aid

It is our intention to make global travel accessible for all families. Those receiving aid or requiring financial assistance should contact Cindylisa Muniz.

Global Travel Contact

Cindylisa Muniz
Teacher of English
Director of Global Travel
139 West 91st Street  |  New York, NY 10024-1326  |  (212) 873-1650
Located on Upper West Side of New York City, Trinity School is a college preparatory, coeducational independent school for grades K-12. Since 1709, Trinity has provided a world-class education to its students with rigorous academics and outstanding programs in athletics, the arts, peer leadership, and global travel.