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Our Mission

The work of Trinity’s Department of Global Engagement is grounded in the School’s pledge to graduate young people abundantly ready to be informed, principled and courageous global citizens. Our domestic and international Road Scholar courses begin in the exploratory imaginations of faculty members, from all three divisions, who understand that the study of any discipline is incomplete until put into real practice in our richly complex and diverse world.  Our itineraries, curated by us and for us, invite students to forge meaningful relationships with each other and with people and places they might never encounter otherwise.  These are not just school trips; these are Trinity Road Scholar trips.  

Since 2016, when Trinity School established a Department of Global Engagement, we’ve centered our work on forging strong relationships with individuals and organizations who share our commitment to preparing young people to be concerned, informed and engaged global citizens.   We’ve strengthened these relationships over the past year and learned a lot about how to create relationships across the globe even when we can’t leave our homes.

We are hopeful for the return of safe travel, but with the continuing uncertainty, we have decided to focus our efforts and resources on developing an exciting selection of “virtual travel” experiences for our Middle and Upper School students.  We are now working with our faculty, students and program directors to create these opportunities and embed them in our classes and co-curricular programs including Mini-mester, US Advising, Lunch & Learns, Student Affinity Groups, and more.  

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Our Journeys

Take a look at where we’ve sent our Road Scholars over the past four years!


Our language immersion experiences strive to be NO ENGLISH zones.  This natural though challenging approach to full fluency opens space for our students to practice attentive listening and adventurous participation in all that comes their way.  Road Scholars’ pre-trip studies prepare them for dynamic conversations with new people and meaningful questions about life, history, politics, economics, art, food and anything else that comes up.





Our collaboration with Trinity’s Department of Performing Arts and our English Department has sent our musicians, singers and actors all over Europe.  These gigs are full-on practice and performance experiences.  Our artists are learning from experts in the craft or in front of audiences soon after they land.  Their pre-trip preparation for these journeys is as serious as their desire to share in the language of art with new people in new places.
This first collaboration between Trinity’s Performing Arts and English Departments invited our Shakespeare lovers to revel in the Bard’s texts, in participatory workshops facilitated by professional actors from Shakespeare’s  Globe, The Royal Shakespeare Company and The British American Drama Academy, and in daily theater performances.


These Road Scholar courses are deep-dives into the history, politics, art, culture and justice movements of specific communities here and abroad.  They are curated to help our students generate the ideas, questions and personal connections that will prepare them to create deliberate, compassionate and informed change in the world.  


Thanks to our wonderful MS faculty members, we’ve been able to offer our younger students exciting opportunities to explore the world and learn in a hands-on, experiential way that is age appropriate and just for them.

Middle School Study 
of Hawaii’s Pre- and Post-Colonial History  

This experience will offer Middle School students a special opportunity to learn about the complex history of Hawaii before, during and after colonization, and to understand the impact of annexation and statehood on Hawaiian people, language and culture.  We will spend our time learning from cultural practitioners committed to reviving the Hawaiian culture and language, building an honest picture of our 50th state. By working alongside Hawaiian students taking part in service projects and learning from those who have dedicated their lives to restoring the land, students will be challenged to critically examine their own understanding of Hawaiian history and culture.

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Director of Global Engagement
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