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  • Chapel Life

    Exploring Spirituality, Religion, and Ethics
Conversations about and explorations of spirituality, religion, and ethics at Trinity are woven naturally into the fabric of school life. They occur in classrooms, among faculty and students in the hallways, and every week in Chapel.
Chapel, rooted in the form and ethos of Trinity’s Episcopal heritage, supports the religious and philosophical diversity of current Trinity students and encourages them to reflect on questions that have long been of central importance to human life: Who am I? What makes life worth living? What is the nature of the universe, of God, and of Humanity? What is the proper relation of humans to the natural world? How should humans from varied traditions strive together to lead a good life?

More concretely, Chapel also teaches students about the religious traditions of the world, about approaches to spirituality and ethics, and by raising important issues in school life, it also explores the large questions of human life as they appear in everyday existence.

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If you would like to inquire further about religion, spirituality or Chapel at Trinity, please contact the Chaplain's Office at (646) 827-6725.
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