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Culture And Crafts Of Karnataka


We will learn about the complex historical forces that led to India’s movement from a colonized territory to a modern independent republic. In Bangalore, we will enjoy hands-on practice of traditional arts through workshops in tie-dye, block printing, and pottery making. We will also spend time at Mallya Aditi International School, where we will learn about India’s incredibly complex history from deeply respected instructors, and afterwards we will head to the kitchen and learn what it takes to make tender roti and flavorful masalas from scratch. Families from this school will open their homes to our students for several days of deeply immersive homestay--always a highlight of this journey. Overall, this trip will ask students and teachers to think deeply about poverty and privilege, gender roles and their impact on individual lives and the larger economy, and how a culture maintains the integrity of its political, spiritual, and artistic traditions, even under the yoke of outside forces.
Dates: June 15-30, 2019
Estimated Cost: $5500
Dream Team: Mme. Gupta and Mr. Schober
Student Travel Group Max: 15
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For the fourth time, Trinity faculty and students will explore the different religious, artistic and cultural traditions that co-exist in modern India. This rich itinerarywill offer students a sense of the vast cultural diversity of this country.
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