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We will participate in the dynamism of Cuba’s diverse religious life, experiencing sacred syncretic rituals as well as Catholic and Jewish practices. We will also visit with community organizations that serve the island’s needs, from caring for the elderly to addressing issues of racial and social justice. There will be opportunities to explore Cuba’s rich and vibrant culture, meeting with artists, musicians, and filmmakers, and learning how to dance the Cuban way. In addition, we will engage in conversations about the revolution and its consequences over the past half century under Fidel Castro and the impact of various historical events and time periods on the Cuban psyche and the physical environment. We will travel outside of Havana to view the most recent developments in organic farming and environmental sustainability. And we will engage in discussions about the economic systems and politics of Cuba, including domestic and foreign policies and the changes that have occurred within the past few years due to diplomacy, technological advancement, market reforms and the introduction of the internet. Community leaders, students, scholars, artists, and workers, including non-public sector workers - cuentapropistas and cooperative owners - will help students better understand the various efforts to bring economic and social changes to respective communities and to Cuba as a whole.
Dates: June 13-22, 2020
Estimated Cost: $5100
Dream Team: Ms. Wong and Mr. Berkowitz
Student Travel Group Max: 15
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For a third time, Trinity students and faculty will have the opportunity to travel to Cuba. Over the course of nine days, students will gain an understanding of the history of Cuba, modern Cuba, and Cuba’s future.
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